Our Silver Pennant team arrived at Woolooware this morning knowing that they were likely to get wet or not play at all. Fortunately for us the course was playable and 2 holes in the rain stopped. The team took the home advantage with a 5/0 win against Beverley Patk.

May 3, 2024

The Silver Pennant team had a successful day at Woolooware despite the rainy conditions. The team managed to secure a 5-0 win against Beverley Park, showcasing their skill and determination. Congratulations to the team members: Barbara Foy, Leanne Matthews, Moira Frazer, Margi Collins, and Leanne Fuller for their impressive performance.

On the other hand, the Bronze 2 team had an unfortunate turn of events as their match at Cronulla had to be abandoned due to the course being closed. Despite the setback, the team members showed sportsmanship and a positive attitude in the face of unexpected challenges.