The Grade Pennant team had an early morning start


The Grade Pennant team kicked off their morning at 6:15 am in the WGC car park for a bus trip to Cumberland Golf Club, where they faced off against the undefeated Royal Sydney team. The match was a close one, with WGC narrowly missing out on a victory with a score of 3/2. Dinah Moran, the newest team member, showcased her skills with a fantastic 3/2 win playing at number 1. Despite a tough start, Barb Foy showed resilience and determination throughout the game, impressing everyone with her performance.

Cumberland Golf Club proved to be excellent hosts, offering a course in impeccable condition and a delightful Chinese lunch that was well-received by all. The team had a great time appreciating the hospitality and enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the golf course.

In a fun moment captured in the photos, there was a celebrity sighting with Tracey Arnold, who seemed to have a blast in her caddying role. The team, consisting of Dinah Moran, Sue Sutherland, Lynne Willis, Barb Foy, and Moira Frazer, worked tirelessly on the course, supported by caddies Margi Collins, Chris Callinan, Julie Morris, Leanne Matthews, and Tracey Arnold. It was a fantastic day filled with competitive spirit and camaraderie for the Grade Pennant team, showcasing their skills and sportsmanship on the greens.