A touch of purple celebrated International Women’s Day. Wonderful!

March 14, 2024

The International Women’s Day celebration at our golf club was a beautiful display of unity and support among the women as they raised over $800 in raffle money for a donation to OneMeal, a charity organization dedicated to fighting hunger. The theme of the event was a touch of purple, symbolizing solidarity and empowerment.

The day not only highlighted individual achievements but also emphasized the bond and encouragement women provide each other. It was heartening to see the camaraderie and inspiration shared among the female members of our golf club, both on and off the course.

Among the highlights of the day was Jenny Nelson, a woman Hole Sponsor from Coadys Pharmacy, showcasing her skills by scoring 43 points and winning the 4bbb event with her partner Leanne Fuller. Jenny’s impressive performance, which followed her recent hole-in-one achievement, was a testament to the talent and dedication of the women in our club.

Raffle prize winners at the event included Pamela Pennington, Helen Pearse, and Kathryn Sutton, who were among the lucky recipients of the generous donations. The celebration of International Women’s Day was a reminder of the strength and unity within our community of women golfers. For more information on OneMeal and their mission, visit