It was great to see 57 visitors in a field of 152 for Visitor’s day. The sun made an appearance, but the rain eventually won out. Luckily, the clubhouse provided a welcoming refuge for participants to socialize over drinks and lunch. Kerin Morgan from Endota Spa contributed NTP prizes (in a draw), and five lucky winners went home with raffle prizes, raising nearly $700 for a good cause.


The recent Visitor’s Day at the field saw a good turnout of 57 visitors out of a total of 152 participants. Despite the sun making an appearance, the rain managed to prevail. Nevertheless, the clubhouse offered a warm and friendly environment for everyone to enjoy drinks and lunch together. A highlight of the event was Kerin Morgan from Endota Spa who contributed NTP prizes through a draw. Five fortunate winners were able to take home raffle prizes, gathering close to $700 for a charitable cause.

The event provided a great opportunity for guests to mingle with each other and enjoy a pleasant day at the field. With the support of Endota Spa and the generosity of raffle prize donors, the day was not only enjoyable but also successful in raising funds for a good cause. Despite the weather challenges, participants were able to make the most of the event and create lasting memories. With positive feedback from the visitors, it was evident that everyone had a wonderful time at the field.

Overall, the Visitor’s Day was a fantastic occasion for all who attended, creating a sense of community and camaraderie among the guests. The generosity of the sponsors, the welcoming atmosphere of the clubhouse, and the lively spirit of the participants made the event a memorable one. Despite the weather challenges, the day turned out to be a success in raising funds and bringing people together for a fun-filled day at the field. Looking forward to more events like this in the future, where guests can continue to enjoy each other’s