Congratulations to our Bronze 2 Pennant team defeating Marrickville 5/0 at Beverley Park today.


Our Bronze 2 Pennant team achieved a fantastic victory over Marrickville with a clean sweep of 5-0 at the Beverley Park venue. It was a remarkable performance by the team members – Cathy McKenzie, Susan Bourne, Kim Smit, Mary Moffatt, and Janelle King. The players displayed exceptional skills and teamwork, securing this impressive win.

The dedication and effort put in by each team member were truly commendable. These victories not only showcase their talent but also highlight their hard work and commitment to the sport. The team’s unity and coordination were evident in their flawless performance on the court.

It is victories like this that inspire and motivate both the team and supporters to continue to strive for success. This win not only adds to the team’s achievement but also strengthens their bond as they work together towards their goals. The Bronze 2 Pennant team’s win is a testament to their training, skill, and determination.

Overall, it was a well-deserved win for the team, and we congratulate them on their outstanding performance. The Bronze 2 Pennant team’s triumph over Marrickville reflects their strength and competitive spirit, setting a positive tone for their future games.