Updated Golf Course Report November

17th Nov, 2016

Greens Report November

Course Superintendent - Cameron Dunn


* Greens were needle tined with 8mm tines to a depth of 10cm on 7/11/16. This is a cultural practice that will be undertaken monthly during the summer months to reduce stress from hot temperatures on greens by allowing improved air movement in soil profile, increasing water percolation and infiltration, increased gas exchange and reducing compaction of greens surface. There is minimal disruption after coring with greens immediately mowed after.

* Slow release NPK fertiliser applied as well as a kelp based product to help stimulate healthy root growth. It is essential to have a strong root system prior to the onset of stressful hot and dry conditions in order for the plant to handle the stress placed on the greens.

* Greens being mowed 7 days a week currently unless poor weather intervenes.

* Growth regulator applied to suppress Poa annua seedhead and to reduce overall vertical growth of the plant.

* Preventive fungicide applied to greens.


* Mulch area left of 5th tee introduced around lilly pillys.

* 14th tee garden weeded and mulched.

* 9th tee garden weeded and mulched.

* 15th social tee re-shaped.

* Tees being cut twice per week to match growth rates.

* 7th tee hedge trimmed and mulched

Fairways and Surrounds

* Fairways and surrounds have been fertilised and sprayed for various weeds to promote a consistent playing surface coming into the warmer months.

* Fairways and green surrounds now being mowed twice per week to match growth rates of turf


* All bunkers raked by hand 3 times per week by brooming faces and removing all debris from bunkers.

* All bunker edges trimmed and edged.

* Growth regulator applied to bunker edges to reduce overall growth.


* Hydraulic malfunction of 13th fairway sprinklers on 13/11/16, automatic irrigation was unable to proceed for 2 days whilst issue was being rectified. Pumps couldn’t be turned on in the day due to hydraulic leaks causing sprinklers to pop up at various times. Staff required to come in at 1am to manually water greens before golf commenced.

* All tees and fairways being watered manually as often as possible when staff are available and when golfers are not on course.

General Information

* Only 13mm of rainfall so far in November compared to 122mm this time last year.

* Mean Sydney temperature of 26.2 degrees Celsius with the lowest maximum temperature of 22.7 degrees Celsius.

* Bark area at 3rd fairway levelled and now in play

* Waste area at 7th tee has been levelled and re-seeded although will still remain GUR for the time being until turf growth progresses.

* Creeks sprayed for weeds to reduce growth and improve appearance.

* Dredging of creek at 10th tee commenced.

Additionally, our course superintendent, Cameron, has begun compiling a Course Maintenance blog to keep you informed with what's happening on the golf course. Cam's most recent post will give a good understanding as to how much rain we took this week and why carts had to be withheld Tuesday and Wednesday. Save the link below to your favourites to follow this, as it will be updated throughout the year.