Schweppes Level 1

logo-schweppesAges 7++

A step up level introducing more technique while maintaining the fun factor and game components.

Levels are normally based on skill level rather than age.
Programs run each school term, duration based on term weeks

Wednesdays 4-5 pm   
                                             Cost $130 per term  (10 weeks)

TERM 1 January 31st–April 11th
TERM 3  
TERM 4  

schweppes-1After completing PING children are able to enter the Schweppes programs, depending on their ability they may progress straight into level 2 or start at level 1.

The standard and level of coaching is elevated at this level, but still targeted to a child, games are played and the technique of all aspects of the game is improved.

Course Content

  • The course content is more about teaching the principles but now understanding the student and their preferences.
  • Week to week the course is changed and modelled to the group.


Click the link below to book SCHWEPPES level 1 sessions with our online booking system or contact Golf Shop 9544 0555