This is our highest level, all students have progressed thru all programs or show a much higher level of ability and commitment to the game.

Thursdays 4-5:00 pm   
                                             TERM 4   October 12th -- December 5th                                                                                                          9 weeks $130

TERM 1 February 9th --April 6th 
TERM 3 July 20th -- September 21st 
TERM 4 October 12th -- December 5th


  • As noted the Endeavour Squad has now been moved to THURSDAYS.
  • The program this term will be more comprehensive including correct exercises to develop the golfers’ body.
  • All age groups will be targeted in respect of their age and development.


  1. Golf warm ups (basic)
  2. Warm up (advanced)
  3. Stretching / Mobility
  4. Breathing for mobility
  5. Breathing for mindfulness (relaxing)
  6. Squad sessions (range)
  7. Squad session (course)
  8. 450 skills tests / short game
  9. Private Sessions

The Endeavour is now an IOS program (invitation only squad) invitation is based on past participation and progression from the other squad programs.

Click the link below to book ENDEAVOUR sessions with our online booking system ( if not already part of the program ring Barry on 0416245162 for eligibility)