Adult Classes

Group classes are an ideal way to learn in a fun and comfortable environment.

The learn to play programs at Woolooware are an excellent way of learning the game with other students of similar ability. Classes are normally on Tuesdays and Thursdays, however groups can arrange a class to suit their times or work commitments.

LEARN TO PLAY – LEVEL 1  –  $120             Next Classes-

February 13th and 15th,,,20th and 22nd   ( 2 weeks 4 sessions)

March 6th and 8th,,,,13th and 15th          (2 weeks 4 sessions)

Please contact Head Professional Barry Bent on 0416245162 for information
An introduction to golf, from the understanding of the course and the equipment to the basics that will enable a player to start playing at a level to enjoy. Groups of 3 -4 players men and women catered for,class time is 1 hour for 4 sessions.

Etiquette and safety are understood at this level. After the class you can join our TUESDAY social group.

  • Basic learn at home videos are included in these classes
  • Coaches encourage the use of our short course when playing.
  • Tuesday social group –beginners play.

LEARN TO PLAY – LEVEL 2 – Next Class – TBA
After completing the level 1 and playing some golf, players are encouraged to progress thru level 2.

  • This program is more advanced and helps a player to strike the ball better, understand more about the short game and putting.
  • Video practise and training drills are included in these classes.
  • Basic rules of golf are also introduced at this level.

SHORT GAME – Next Class – TBA

  • Pitching
  • Chipping
  • Lob shots and Bunkers 

—  Pitching /Bunkers:   TBA

—  Chipping:  TBA

—  Putting:  TBA

Short game improvement is the quickest way to lowering your scores.

  • Short game classes are conducted over two consecutive days, the ratio of student to coach is based on the class and the standard of the students.
  • Chipping, Pitching, Bunkers and Putting are all classed separately and the duration of the class is again based on the level of the students and the number of players.


Click the link below to book a class/clinic on our online booking system or ring Golf Shop 9544 0555