Golf Academy

The Woolooware Golf Academy has been operating at WGC for over 30 years.

We are dedicated to the development of the game, from juniors to senior players, we are proud to have developed many players from school age to the major tours and junior world champions.

Our philosophy is simple and we maintain a traditional approach of ball flight laws of cause and effect

We use video to enhance the students knowledge when necessary and help players with swing mechanics, short game and putting. We believe a process of learning is more important than a method so we allow each individual to have their own swing and train them around there age and athletic abilities.

Our on course facility creates a very pleasant learning environment, we aim to have our players on the course early and to learn the game in what we believe is the place to learn.

    • The Golf Academy offers private lessons, group lessons short game classes and junior programs.
    • We coach school programs both primary and secondary.
    • All coaches are PGA qualified at the highest level and have many years experience.
    • The Academy utilises modern tech knowledge and video.
    • Fitness and physio professionals are available to assist in the training and rehab when necessary.

Click the link below to book a class/clinic or private tuition (packages are still available with private lessons) session with our online booking system or contact Golf Shop 9544 0555



The benefit of one to one training is the personalised attention and tailoring a program to suit the students individual requirements.

Private lessons are available Tuesday thru Saturday.

Lessons are half hour or one hour duration.

Packages available. 

Members,Seniors and Juniors catered for at reduced costs.




Group clinics are an ideal way to learn in a fun and comfortable environment.

The learn to play programs at Woolooware are an excellent way of learning the game with other students of similar ability.

Is the introduction to golf, from the understanding of the course and the equipment to the basics that will enable a player to start playing at a level to enjoy. Etiquette and safety are understood at this level …more

After completing the level 1 and playing some golf, players are encouraged to progress thru level 2.
This program is more advanced and helps a player to strike the ball better, understand more about the short game and putting…more

Short game improvement is the quickest way to lowering your scores.

Short game classes are conducted over two consecutive days, the ratio of student to coach is based on the class and the standard of the students.
Chipping, Pitching, Bunkers and Putting are all classed separately and the duration of the class is again based on the level of the students and the number of players…more



Young golfers have different levels of skills and development.

Our Junior program is designed to accommodate all levels with fun and technique in mind.

Children and students classes are all based on age and ability, with a pathway of develop the child to just improve to their own level of enjoyment, golf club membership or to follow their dream and to play the game as a career …more

The Woolooware Golf Club has introduced a cadet program that runs every  Saturday. It’s a great way to start your child in a friendly competitive environment …more

PING – Ages 6-9
Our starting level – classes are designed with the main objective of having fun, getting exposure to the game and developing motor skills.
Basic swing fundamentals are coached at this level and games are played that introduce the students to the game …more

A step up level introducing more technique while maintaining the  fun factor and game components.
After completing PING children are able to enter the Schweppes programs, depending on their ability they may progress straight into level 2 or start at level 1 …more

This program is designed around more advanced technique but a greater emphasis on playing the course.
Players normally are split into training groups and playing on the course groups in this program. On course activities are an important strategy for the coaches to develop the students …more

This is our highest level, all students have progressed thru all programs or show a much higher level of ability and commitment to the game.
Development in this program is also dependent on the students willing to practise outside the sessions. This is an excellent program for future club membership, junior events and pennant teams …more

The academy run school programs ranging from school sport on a week to week basis to a term program that fits into the schools sporting curriculum …more

A two (2) or three (3) day holiday program that is run every school holidays, a great way to introduce your child to the game of golf …more