Golf Course Condition Update October

17th Oct, 2017

October Edition 2017


  • 5mm of rain has fallen so far this month, we are still experiencing a very dry spell and long-term forecasts are showing that below average rainfall is expected until at least January 2018.


  • Wetting agent applied to help distribute water through the soil profile so that soil is able to hold onto water that is entered into soil. This helps reduce ‘hot spots’ in greens and is an effective tool during spells of dry weather.
  • Biostimulants added to rootzone to help improve overall root growth.
  • Chemical applied to help flush unwanted bicarbonates and sodium from our recycled water out of our soil profile.
  • NPK soluble fertiliser applied
  • Preventative fungicide applied
  • Growth regulator applied to reduce growth rates and to help create a tighter turf surface to increase ball roll.
  • Greens are being hand watered on an as-needed basis. We check moisture levels of all greens daily and if we record readings below our set threshold we will hand water ‘hot spots’ (areas drying out quicker than others) only.
  • At this time of year we are pushing the greens as long as we can without water to get the turf to go searching for water and to produce longer roots in the process, which will be beneficial for us in the hottest months of summer.
  • We are only using automatic watering system on greens when we are applying a product that needs to be watered into the rootzone.



  • All tees sprayed with insecticide and wetting agent.
  • Tee’s currently being cut twice per week and are producing a dense cover of turf on majority of areas.
  • We are scheduled to apply a liquid fertiliser in the next week to further improver tee surfaces.
  • With minimal rainfall, tee’s are generally being watered twice a week, with all tee watering being performed manually in the mornings.


  • Fairway areas currently being mowed twice per week.
  • With such dry conditions we have dramatically increased fairway watering and we are trying to water each fairway 1-2 times per week. We are using irrigation system manually so we are generally watering fairway areas very early morning or late afternoon when there are minimal golfers nearby, to reduce disruption.


  • Rough mowing being undertaken in certain areas on an as-needed basis.
  • We have been sending rough mowers out to certain areas to mulch and control dead leaves falling from trees to clean up rough so that golf balls can be found easier in amongst the dead leaves.



  • Bunkers are being raked and leaves blown regularly to ensure a smooth surface is maintained.
  • Trimming of bunker edges being carried out every 2 weeks and weeds are being removed from bunkers at regular intervals.
  • Front right 15th bunker extended and reshaped to original design, further bunkers will be improved as time permits throughout the season.


General Comments

  • Native grasses for along 16th dam bank are currently being planted.
  • Grass left of 16th dam has had its first cut, it will continue to be G.U.R until after another cut has been completed.
  • Turf on new teeing areas on 12th tee has been laid, we are currently mowing with push mowers and topdressing/watering regularly to smooth and harden the surface, aiming to be open within the next month.
  • Area on 7th tee has also been returfed and levelled. This is a high traffic area from the pathway at the tee, which will be managed accordingly to allow turf to grow in this area.
  • New nursery green near maintenance facility has been seeded and has begun to germinate. We are now in the process of oversowing with seed, topdressing and regular rolling to help establish the new surface. First cut will be undertaken
  • Quote is being sourced for a new safety fence behind 14th green to improve existing fence.
  • Bark area left side 3rd fairway and back of 5th green currently G.U.R.



Cameron Dunn

Golf Course Superintendent
Woolooware Golf Club