Golf Course Condition Update November + 12th Green Report

17th Oct, 2017

November Edition 2017


· 38mm of rain has fallen so far this month, more than we had from July-October.


· All greens solid tined on 20/11/17 to reduce compaction and allow passage for air and water to enter soil.

· All green lightly dusted with topdressing sand on 20/11/17 to dilute thatch layer and also to increase smoothness and firmness.

· Wetting agent applied to help distribute water through the soil profile so that soil is able to hold onto water that is entered into soil. This helps reduce ‘hot spots’ in greens and is an effective tool during spells of dry weather.

· Insecticide applied to all greens

· Biostimulants added to rootzone to help improve overall root growth.

· Chemical applied to help flush unwanted bicarbonates and sodium from our recycled water out of our soil profile.

· NPK soluble fertiliser applied

· Preventative fungicide applied

· Growth regulator applied to reduce growth rates and to help create a tighter turf surface to increase ball roll.

· Greens are being hand watered on an as-needed basis.

· We are only using automatic watering system on greens when we are applying a product that needs to be watered into the rootzone.

· 12th green subsurface drainage complete and we are now in process of growing in the turfed areas again. Turf for the surround at front of the green is scheduled to be laid on 22/11/17.


· All tees sprayed with insecticide targeting Billbug.

· Tee’s currently being cut twice per week.


· Fairway areas currently being mowed twice per week.

· Leaves being blown from fairway areas once per week.

· Insecticide applied to all fairways and greens surrounds targeting Billbug.


· Rough mowing being undertaken in certain areas on an as-needed basis.

· We have been sending rough mowers out to certain areas to mulch and control dead leaves falling from trees to clean up rough so that golf balls can be found easier in amongst the dead leaves.


· Bunkers are being raked and leaves blown regularly to ensure a smooth surface is maintained at least twice per week.

· Trimming of bunker edges being carried out every 2 weeks and weeds are being removed from bunkers at regular intervals.

· All bunker bases have had weeds sprayed and will be pulled out next week once roots have been killed.

· Growth regulator has been applied to reduce turf growth throughout growing season. This will be undertaken monthly.

General Comments

· Native grasses for along 16th dam bank planted.

· 5th greenside sprinkler replaced.

· All hydraulic line filters cleaned.

· Grass left of 16th dam has established well and new turf between 1st and 18th holes will get first cut this week.

· New 12th tee areas are now open for play.

· New turf area on 7th tee open for play.

· Nursery green is establishing nicely and we are close to 100% coverage. We will continue to topdress and fertilise area regularly to continue with establishment.

· Bark area left side 3rd fairway and back of 5th green currently G.U.R.


12th Green Drainage Project

The 12th green at Woolooware Golf Club had been a troublesome green for many years due to its inability to remove water from the soil profile quickly after heavy rain events. Considering it is one of the highest points on the golf course, the original construction of the green sits very level with minimal fall downhill.

There was existing subsurface drainage in the green, however more then likely had not been functioning for many years due to excessive silt/tree roots in the drainage line. There has also been the opinion that water runoff from Short St down towards the green also causes issues, hence why we put drainage at the back of the green in April 2017 to attempt to collect some of that water.

It was imperative to install new sub-surface drainage in the 12th green to improve the overall existing condition of the green surface especially after rain events, and also to improve the soil below by reducing black layer and allowing improved gas exchange within the soil.

I have provided a brief summary of the works undertaken on 13-14/11/17. The steps involved are listed in this PDF file – click here to open.

Cameron Dunn

Golf Course Superintendent
Woolooware Golf Club