Golf Course Condition Update January

17th Jan, 2017

January Edition 2018


  • 29mm of rain has fallen so far this month.
  • Total for summer to date is 76mm, last year to date during summer was 105mm so we are looking drier than last year and that was considered the one of the driest and the hottest on record.
  • Intense humidity regularly over 90%.
  • Mix of high temps, high humidity and minimal rainfall causes increased stress on greens and increased disease pressure.
  • Extremely strong southerly winds from 14-16/1/18 delaying maintenance practices and chemical programs.


  • Greens being cut minimum 3 times per week and rolled 1-2 times per week.
  • Overall considering we are in mid-summer, greens are currently in a healthy condition and responding well to the programs in place. We had some stressed areas along the edges of 6th, 7th, 13th, 15th and 17th greens over the new year period, however they are beginning to heal and all that remains is some scarring that will continue to improve over coming weeks.
  • All greens injected with air by Air2g2 machine on 28/12/17 to allow passage for air and water to enter soil. This is a new method of aerating that pushes pressurised air into the soil profile without causing any surface disruption.
  • Gypsum applied to greens to displace sodium in the soil profile, this is a monthly practice undertaken to aid in combatting high salt levels in recycled water source.
  • Wetting agent applied to help distribute water through the soil profile so that soil is able to hold onto water that is entered into soil. This helps reduce ‘hot spots’ in greens and is an effective tool during spells of dry weather.
  • Insecticide applied to all greens targeting adult Argentine Stem Weevil. Another application will be undertaken in a few weeks targeting ASW larvae.
  • Biostimulants added to rootzone to help improve overall root growth and help with recovery.
  • Chemical applied to help flush unwanted bicarbonates and sodium from our recycled water out of our soil profile.
  • NPK soluble fertiliser applied
  • Preventative fungicide applied targeting a range of diseases.
  • Growth regulator applied to reduce growth rates and to help create a tighter turf surface to increase ball roll.
  • Greens are being hand watered on an as-needed basis. With high temps, high winds and minimal rainfall, hand watering is an essential maintenance practice that must be undertaken to accurately control moisture in soil.
  • We are only using automatic watering system for greens when watering in chemicals or when a good drench is required to wet entire root zone.
  • Due to ageing irrigation system, when deep watering is required, a staff member is required to come in as early as 2am to complete a full irrigation cycle before play commences. Our old system is unreliable so a staff member must be present to ensure sprinklers are turning on/off as needed.


  • All tees sprayed with insecticide targeting larvae of Black Beetle.
  • All tees’s fertilised with control release NPK fertiliser and pre-emergent herbicide.
  • Tee’s currently being cut twice per week.
  • All tees are being water manually aiming to give them 2 cycles of 30 minutes per week.


  • Fairway areas currently being mowed twice per week.
  • Leaves being blown from fairway areas once per week.
  • Growth regulator applied prior to Christmas period to reduce mowing required.
  • Fairways being watered minimum once per week where possible. All fairway watering is completed manually in early hours of morning due to ageing reliability of the system


  • Rough mowing being undertaken in certain areas on an as-needed basis. Aiming to cut every area of rough once per week.


  • Bunkers are being raked and leaves blown regularly to ensure a smooth surface is maintained at least twice per week.
  • Trimming of bunker edges being carried out monthly and weeds are being removed from bunkers at regular intervals.
  • Growth regulator has been applied to reduce turf growth throughout growing season

General Comments

  • Native grasses 18th tee trimmed and garden area barked
  • Hedges on course at 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, 10th and 15th tees trimmed.
  • Solenoids replaced on 3rd and 4th green as well as 2 solenoids on 3rd fairway for automatic irrigation control.
  • Large limb fell on neighbouring house at 13th tee and rest of tree was removed
  • Numerous branches picked up caused by gusty southerly winds.
  • Tree stumps booked in to be grinded between 22-26/1/18.
  • Weekends are a crucial period for maintaining moisture levels so throughout the summer season you will see staff hand watering greens and sometimes it will be during competition. My staff will make every effort not to interfere with your round. Please remember the staff has the courses best interest in mind and I wouldn’t have my staff working on a Saturday at 3pm in 40 degree heat if it wasn’t absolutely necessary.
  • Spraying of fence lines and creeks to remove weeds scheduled to commence 22/1/18 pending wind forecasts.

Cameron Dunn

Golf Course Superintendent
Woolooware Golf Club