July Golf Course Condition Update

5th May, 2017

Greens Report – July 2017  

Course Superintendent - Cameron Dunn 


  • Only 13mm of rainfall so far in July with winter total currently at 127mm in comparison to 388mm this time last winter. 
  • It has been a relatively dry winter so far which allows us to get through more work and the results are shown in the end product with the course playing a lot better throughout the winter months than in previous years. 


  • Greens are dry and firm which is optimal for the middle of winter, with all greens in very healthy condition. 
  • All greens solid-tined on 3/7/17, this is a routine monthly practice to aerate the greens to promote airflow within the soil and to also allow for improved drainage on the greens. Greens are rolled immediately following aeration and there is minimal surface disruption from this process. 
  • All greens groomed on 6/7/17, we really only tickle the surface in winter due to low growth rates and to put as less stress on the plant as possible. All greens are then double cut after grooming to pick up any debris and there is no disruption to play. 
  • NPK fertiliser applied to enhance growth and colour. 
  • Kelp product applied to assist in root development 
  • Preventative fungicide applied to all greens. 
  • Greens are being mowed 3 times per week, rolled 1-2 times per week and dew broomed on non mowing/rolling days. 
  • 12th green has been back in play on a permanent basis since the end of June and we are at full coverage. The initial drainage behind the green has helped to alleviate drainage issues however, long term drainage through the green will be required. 
  • 8th green has been extensively plugged with 195 plugs at a width of 50cm needing to be placed to repair unrepaired pitch marks. It makes it hard to produce smooth surfaces when there are so many unrepaired pitch marks on every green! Other greens are being done sporadically when time allows. 


 pitchmark left unrepaired for 10 minutes or longer takes 15 days to recover, wheras a pitchmark repaired properly within 5 minutes recovers completely within 24 hours. 


  • Currently only mowing tee surfaces once per week due to slower growth rates of kikuyu this time of year. 
  • Liquid fertiliser application on 7/7/17 containing Nitrogen and Iron applied to all tees to maintain colour through the winter period. 
  • Unfilled divots are being topdressed with sand every week to help promote better recovery during cooler months when Kikuyu growth is at a minimum. 

Fairways and Surrounds 

  • Fairways and surrounds are being mowed once per week and will remain so until growth rates significantly increase.  
  • Turbine blower being used to clear debris from these areas as required. 
  • Liquid fertiliser application containing Nitrogen and Iron applied to all fairways and surrounds to maintain colour through the winter period. 


  • All bunkers trimmed and hand removal of weeds from bunker faces. 
  • All bunkers reshaped and sand added to bunkers. 


  • No watering this time of year unless we are applying a product that is required to be washed into the surface on greens. 
  • Continually monitoring moisture levels in the soil of greens on a daily basis to determine Evapotranspiration rates of greens surfaces. Very little loss of water during winter. 
  • Hydraulic pump line check valve replaced 
  • Hydraulic line filters being cleaned in preparation for spring.  

General Information 

  • 4th tee garden mulched 
  • 6th tee garden mulched 
  • Back of 8th green palm tree area mulched 
  • Stockpile soil/bark area at 10th hole cleaned and re-levelled 
  • Greens maintenance shed soil area cleaned and levelled 
  • Nursery green area stockpile removed and nursery green reshaped and levelled in preparation for re-seeding the green. 
  • Tree pruning of low branches in rough. 
  • Cleaning of all drains on course and ensuring no obstructions to stormwater pipes. 
  • 16th dam has been dredged and soil placed between 1st and 18th fairway to dry and area will be reshaped once the dredged soil is dry enough yo work with. Unfortunately we were hampered by heavy rain during the project which meant that 1/3 of the dredged areas had to be placed directly to the west of the 16th dam as we were unable to get trucks on the course due to wet conditions.  

This stockpile will be removed as soon as it is dry enough to commence works for removal, we apologise for any inconvenience caused during this time. 

  • Photos below of 3rd and 17th greens taken 18/04/17 - also 2nd green and surrounds taken 22/05/17




Cameron Dunn

Golf Course Superintendent
Woolooware Golf Club